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Jimmy Jameson, a casual everyday demon in the bustling Capital of the Underworld, has been found dead....from ice-cream poisoning? Take the role of one of the Underworld's detectives and examine clues in the environments to solve the mystery and determine which of the three arrested suspects should be condemned to eternal suffering!

I'm Elizabeth Baker (Frizz), and 'Murder and Ice-Cream' is my first game release and a project that I've been working on as part of a university assignment.
The question that I've decided to tackle through this game is whether embedded narrative (or the story that is already in the game world e.g the dragon burial mounds in Skyrim) can be the sole means of getting information across to the player, and leave dialogue and character interaction out and still maintain the same level of story. 
And such, this game was born! And this is the beta build for the game, the full version will be released at some point next year (depending on feedback and how much I'll have to tweak!)
A lot of play-testing has shown that writing a murder-mystery is no easy task, so this game will come across as challenging to some players: the clues do require a lot of connecting to make sense of the logic! 
But regardless, I hope that you have fun with the game (it's still in beta so beware of bugs, glitches, and some things that might not make sense jsut yet), and please feel free to offer some feedback in the comments below: any and all feedback is appreciated! 

Install instructions

Download files, unzip the folder, run the .exe file.
Game is best played in fullscreen mode, as windowed mode still has camera cropping bugs that I'm trying to fix!
Windows only at the moment, sorry!!


MurderandIceCream.zip 39 MB

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